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Navajo is built upon a foundation of deep-seated expertise and innovation within the insurance sector. Drawing from extensive experience and a keen understanding of the industry’s intricacies, our journey alongside insurance professionals has shaped our perspective on their unique needs and challenges. Over the years, our dedication has been directed towards crafting sophisticated software solutions that prioritize precision, dependability, and adaptability.

Our mission revolves around equipping insurance agents with specialized tools that streamline their daily operations. By prioritizing quality and continual enhancement, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting and enhancing the capabilities of insurance professionals, empowering them with tools that ensure efficiency and simplicity in their everyday work

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The people shaping our story

Αλεκοζίδης Σίμος


Simos Alekozidis

With over 40 years in the insurance industry, Simos Alekozidis, the founder of Alfa Point, brings vast experience and reliability. He believed in the Navajo from the start, contributing his expertise and ethical standards, crucial to the project’s success


Yiannis Alekozidis

As a second-generation insurance agent deeply immersed in the industry, he embodies a passion for embracing new technologies. Combining experience with innovation, the idea for Navajo emerged from his firsthand experience as an insurance agent. His vision? To create a cutting-edge application that seamlessly blends years of industry experience with modern technology, positioning Navajo at the forefront of innovation in the insurance landscape.

Αλεκοζίδης Γιάννης
Γιώργος Αλεκοζίδης


Giorgos Alekozidis

As a second-generation insurance professional, he’s a vital support for the Navajo. Alongside his brother, Yannis, they bring technical expertise to drive Navajo’s development. He focuses on comprehensive testing, conducting alpha & beta tests to enhance Navajo, ensuring continual improvements and user-friendly functionalities


Eleni Liponi

Our marketing team member brings extensive experience in both the insurance and marketing realms. She is responsible for crafting and implementing strategies that highlight the value of our products and services within the insurance industry. Her unwavering commitment to achieving results and her expertise in digital approaches are fundamental to our successful growth.

Ελένη Λιπώνη
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